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RGo Robotics Enhances Performance
for’s Mobile Robotics Platform

Customer Since:


Sites supported:

Multiple in Europe and the USA.


Mobile robot localization with support for omni-drive, modular wheel system. 


Enhanced Interlogistics, Precise Indoor-Outdoor Localization, Cost-Effective, User-Friendly Interface, Improved Safety​

  • Improved interlogistics efficiency

  • Optimal indoor-outdoor transition

  • Reduction in operator training time

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"RGo Robotics has been instrumental in enhancing the localization of our Genius AMRs. Combined with our state-of-the-art technology, Perception Engine has created great innovation. Together, we’re establishing new benchmarks of robustness and performance in the mobile robotics industry.”​

Pascal Viala,


CTO of

At a Glance, a robotics innovator in automated material handling, integrated RGo’s Perception Engine into its Genius AMR platform, ensuring reliable mobile robot operations in vast, dynamic environments.

Customer Insights:

Accelerates Time-to-Market

“The Jetson tool suite combined with RGo’s API made the design and integration process extremely efficient; accelerating the transition from prototype to industrial-grade solution.”

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