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Upgrade your AGV with Adaptable & Cost Effective Navigation, without Compromising Reliability 

Perception Engine™ enables accurate and reliable virtual line following, allowing AGVs to be installed without the need to make infrastructure changes and by that reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing the return on investment for end customers. In addition, AGVs can become more flexible and support additional workflows with one solution. Ease of integrate and operations combined with low compute and sensor requirements, make Perception Engine™ an affordable and attractive upgrade option to already deployed AGVs.   


  • Virtual line following 

  • High accuracy


  • Supports very narrow aisles 

Easy to Use

  • Quick & simple integration

  • Fast and intuitive set-up 

  • Supports multiple use cases

Cost Effective

  • No infrastructure

  • No engineering needed for workflow changes

  • Low-cost sensor requirements

  • Low power

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“RGo continues to develop game-changing navigation technology. Traditional localization sensors either work indoors or outdoors – but not both. Combining both capabilities into a low-cost, compact, and robust system is a key aspect of our strategy to deliver mobile robotics solutions to the untapped ‘interlogistics’ market.”​

Niels Jul Jacobsen, CEO

Capra Robotics

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