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Capra Robotics Bridges the Gap between Indoor and Outdoor Logistics with RGo

Customer Since:


Sites supported:

Multiple across Denmark
and Europe – expanding globally.


Mobile robot localization. Pose of Hircus robot accessed by Capra navigation stack through Perception Engine API


Robust indoor/outdoor
3D localization

Precision in robot localization

Cost effective


Niels Headshot.png

“RGo continues to develop game-changing navigation technology. Traditional localization sensors either work indoors or outdoors – but not both. Combining both capabilities into a low-cost, compact, and robust system is a key aspect of our strategy to deliver mobile robotics solutions to the untapped ‘interlogistics’ market.”​

Niels Jul Jacobsen,



Lars Headshot.png

"RGo's technology is not just disruptive, it's transformative. RGo's AI-powered Perception Engine enables our mobile robots to understand complex surroundings, operate autonomously, and transition smoothly across indoor and outdoor environments.”

Lars Hansen,

Chief Commercial Officer


Capra Robotics, an award-winning mobile robot manufacturer based in Denmark, integrates RGo's Perception Engine
into its new Hircus mobile robot platform.

Customer Insights:

Robust  3d Localization Everywhere

"Traditional 2D LiDARs struggle in environments that are dynamic and/or repetitive.  And they are limited to indoor applications. Perception Engine is able to deliver robust 6 DoF localization in all the environments that we foresee our customers deploying – both indoor and outdoor."


"With RGo's Perception Engine, we’ve achieved centimetre-scale position accuracy. It provides all the layers of information a robot needs to be able to move in complex, real-life environments, enabling precise localization for our navigation stack."


“The integration of RGo's Perception Engine into the Hircus platform was fast and efficient.  It enabled us to accelerate our time-to-market and focus our R&D efforts on elements of the solution that are most important to our end-users”

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