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RGo Robotics Teams Up with Onward for Advanced Automation in Fulfillment Centers

RGo Robotics, an innovator in AI-driven perception technology, has partnered with Onward Robotics to enhance automation in fulfillment centers. This collaboration will see RGo's Perception Engine implemented in Onward's Pyxis robots, enhancing human-robot collaboration and significantly improving operational throughput and efficiency.

The Robot Report

RGo Robotics integrates NVIDIA Isaac technology into its perception platforms

RGo Robotics Inc. this week announced it will integrate NVIDIA’s Isaac Robotics technology into its perception platforms.


Nvidia partners with Israeli startup RGo Robotics to enable intelligent robots with GenAI-powered autonomy

Combining RGo’s perception engine with Nvidia’s compute and algorithms is set to allow mobile robots to better perceive and understand the world around them.

Robotics 247

Build your AMR to scale with a 3D vision localization system

RGo Robotics Perception Engine harnesses power of AI, computer vision


How Generative AI Will Impact Warehouse Automation

An AI-powered automation solution would translate to a more connected and dependable warehouse while bringing down the initial cost as well as total cost of ownership.

The Robot Report

Capra Robotics’ AMRs to use RGo Perception Engine

RGo Robotics, a company developing artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously, announced significant strategic updates. The announcements include leadership appointments, new customers and an upcoming product release.

Robotics 247

MODEX 2024: RGo Robotics to partner with Intel and Theobroma Systems

Theobroma and Intel to support RGo Perception Engine machine vision software

Venture Beat

How RGo Robotics aims to improve the vision of mobile robots

RGo Robotics announced that it has exited stealth mode with $20 million in funding. The startup intends to enable mobile robots to operate autonomously by understanding their environment through artificial-perception technology.

electronic specifier

Intelligent robot solutions from RGo Robotics and Theobroma Systems

RGo Robotics (RGo) and Theobroma Systems have announced the immediate availability of an integrated solution powered by RGo’s Perception Engine on Theobroma’s JAGUAR board.

The Robot Report

RGo Robotics CEO Amir Bousani on Perception for Mobile Robots

Amir Bousani, co-founder and CEO of RGo Robotics, joins The Robot Report Podcast to discuss the state of perception for mobile robots.

Robotics 247

Capra Robotics Chooses RGo Robotics Perception Engine Technology For Mobile Robot Platform

RGo Robotics also announced updates to its Perception Engine and its leadership team.

Robotcs & Automation

A pioneer in artificial perception technology that enables mobile operate autonomously, has exited stealth.

After extensive field trials in challenging indoor and outdoor environments, RGo has secured several customers and has closed over $10 million in customer deals.



Case Studies

Capra Robotics Bridges the Gap between Indoor and Outdoor Logistics with RGo


RGo Robotics Enhances Performance for’s Mobile Robotics Platform


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