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Enabling Real-Time Tracking of Forklifts Inside & Outside the Warehouse Without the Need to Install & Maintain Infrastructure 

RGo Perception Engine™ is an easy to integrate AI vision system that can be easily added to any forklift and provide its position, indoors or outdoors with cm-level accuracy. This infrastructure-free solution stands out by offering a cost-effective, scalable alternative without compromising precision. Its low power, cost effective hardware requirements combined with ease of integration, make Perception Engine™ an attractive capability for Forklift manufacturers and resellers to add to the safety and telematic services provided to their customers.


  • Operates in dynamic unstructured environments

  • Operates indoor & outdoors

  • High accuracy

  •  No risk for electrical interferences   

Easy to Use

  • Retrofit or embedded

  • Fast and easy set up 

  • Standard API for data extraction

Cost Effective

  • No infrastructure

  • Low-cost sensor requirements

  • Low power

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“RGo continues to develop game-changing navigation technology. Traditional localization sensors either work indoors or outdoors – but not both. Combining both capabilities into a low-cost, compact, and robust system is a key aspect of our strategy to deliver mobile robotics solutions to the untapped ‘interlogistics’ market.”​

Niels Jul Jacobsen, CEO

Capra Robotics

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