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Revolutionizing Autonomous Outdoor Machinery with Effective & Safe Navigation in all Surroundings without Position Outages   

Perception Engine enables efficient operations with high reliability even in complex environments like tall buildings, trees, steep terrain and steel structures and in surroundings that change frequently like orchids and vineyards. Its powerful sensor fusion engine enables fusing of GNSS data to achieve 100% reliability in most outdoor application and in use cases that involve indoor & outdoor operations, from agricultural, construction and mining equipment, to campus security robots. The AI engine at the core of Perception Engine was trained to recognize many common outdoor objects and can be further trained to recognize objects that are specific to the customer use case, enabling advanced behaviors by the customer machine.


  • Operates without GNSS coverage (buildings, trees, metal)

  • Effective in different terrains (rough, slopes)

  • Operates indoor & outdoors (greenhouses, construction, mining)

  • Human recognition

Easy to Use

  • Quick & Simple Integration 

  • Learns on the go with environment changes

  • Built in support for GNSS/RTK

  • Pre trained on outdoor environment data

  • Easy to train for specific needs  

Cost Effective

  • Wide area coverage with one solution 

  • Low-cost sensor requirements

  • Low power

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“RGo continues to develop game-changing navigation technology. Traditional localization sensors either work indoors or outdoors – but not both. Combining both capabilities into a low-cost, compact, and robust system is a key aspect of our strategy to deliver mobile robotics solutions to the untapped ‘interlogistics’ market.”​

Niels Jul Jacobsen, CEO

Capra Robotics


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