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The solution includes hardware and software components. The hardware system is provided as a reference design, allowing partners to integrate Perception Engine into their robots easily.  The software is provided as an SDK which can provide all the real-time data on the edge. External connectivity, when enabled, allows for additional cloud based services 

Software & API

Perception Engine provides perception data over its API.  This data is then consumed by the robot control system which is responsible for path planning and autonomous behaviors.  The reference design supports multiple communication protocols including CAN bus and Ethernet.  The API can be accessed via C++, UDP, or ROS1/2 Wrapper.

Illustration of how Perception Engine provides robot manufacturers perception data over its API.
Perception Engine’s ROS Camera Module with built-in sensors and processor.
System Hardware

The minimum hardware system reference design includes a single  Camera Module with built-in sensors and the Processor.  Optional components include additional Camera Modules, the Illumination Module, and a wide variety of supported sensors.  

RGo Robotics’ Evaluation Kit for Robot Manufacturers
Evaluation Kit

The Evaluation Kit is a fully integrated system with convenient connectors allows for efficient evaluations and proofs-of-concept.  If you are interested in testing Perception Engine in your application, please contact us.


Perception Engine runs on ultra-low-cost, low-power hardware that uses commercially available components.  RGo Robotics offers the hardware for evaluations and low volume production.  For high volume production, manufactures can license the reference design and source the hardware from their preferred vendors.  


The Cost Optimized reference design is optimized for very high volume applications where low BOM cost is paramount.


The Standard reference design is suited to a wide variety of applications requiring high precision localization and industrial robustness.  

Final NVIDIA Jetson with Logo.png

The Premium reference design

delivers uncompromised performance and the most comprehensive level of perception for extremely demanding applications. 


Example shown:  NVIDIA Jetson Orin


For the full list of specifications including mapping and full 3D perception, download the Data Sheet below.

The full list of RGo Robotics specifications for robot manufacturers
Hardware Reference Designs
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